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Miss Ellen D. Gray is the Owner/Artistic Director of the Dance Club For Kidz.  Formerly a dance competitor, she decided to stop competing and give back to the children what the arts gave her!  Originally from New York, she brought her love of children and performing arts South.  Seven years ago, Miss Ellen started her own company in South Florida and she has now relocated the company to Texas.

Miss Ellen brings over 15 years of teaching experience in the performing arts industry.  Teaching all forms of dance, music, drama, gymnastics and Mommy & Me to young children.  AT Miami Children's Hospital she volunteered her time as a disk jockey for an in house radio station called Radio Lollipop.  Miss Ellen has touched the heart of many children and hopes your child will be another one!  She is CPR, First Aid, Safety and KAT (Kinder Accreditation for Teachers) certified.  She is also a member of a national dance association and USA Gymnastics.

Miss Ellen is a loving and devoted teacher as well as the proud mom to daughter Jaden Sierra.  We hope you enjoy her classes as much as she enjoys teaching them!


                                      Contact Miss Ellen Gray at (281) 379-4139 or (832) 274-0662